Padre Azul – the new premium tequila

PAT 6_USINAGEPadre Azul exhilarates the taste buds with its fine, smooth flavour that completely contradicts most people’s image of tequila. Padre Azul is made with 100% blue agave and the finest raw materials from Jalisco, Mexico, following the true Mexican tradition and the strictest requirements and quality criteria. This super premium tequila and its one of a kind bottle with cool, leather covering are entirely handmade. The art of high-class distillation, as well as Mexican values of enjoyment, relaxation and friendship go into this tequila.

Enjoy Padre Azul tequila pure, without salt or lemon. Just as our motto states: no compromises.

The three tequila varieties 

Padre Azul is available in three degrees of maturity and offers a surprising flavour palette. Depending on maturation, we differentiate between Padre Azul Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.

Padre Azul BLANCOPadre Azul Blanco 0,7l – alcohol content: 38% 

Only pure agave distillate is used to make premium tequila. It is produced in a carefully chosen distillery following tequila tradition that dates back many years. Padre Azul Blanco is bottled straight after distillation. This process gives it its clear, transparent colour and its incomparable taste of fresh agave. This young tequila is perfect for mixing premium cocktails.

Padre Azul REPOSADOPadre Azul Reposado 0,7l – alcohol content: 38% 

Padre Azul Reposado is 100% made from blue agave. Made in a carefully chosen distillery in Mexico, it has been matured in French oak barrels for up to one year. This process gives it its classic, light yellow colour. The wooden flavours give this premium tequila a particular complexity that unfolds on the palate, especially when enjoyed straight. Reposado’s taste has hints of vanilla and it is the perfect drink for an evening with friends and is guaranteed not to give you a headache.

Padre Azul ANEJOPadre Azul Añejo 0,7l – alcohol content: 38%

This mature tequila variety is stored in oak barrels for up to two years. Padre Azul Añejo is golden in colour and captivates with its complex, yet soft flavour. Flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, dried fruit and cinnamon surprise drinkers of this super premium tequila. Each sip of this high-quality Añejo, which comes from a specially chosen distillery in Mexico, is an experience and a must for quality conscious drinkers!

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